1 Mar

Fixed Vs Variable Interest Rates


Posted by: Tracey Brock

VARIABLE VS FIXED – What’s the Scoop!

Dr. Moshe Milevsky of York University has done some extensive research on Fixed vs Variable Rate Mortgages.  The key points of his recently written article are as follows:


  • Based on data from 1950 to 2007, the average Canadian could expect to save interest of 90.1% of the time by choosing a variable-rate mortgage instead of a fixed.  The average savings was $ 20 630 over 15 years per $100 000 borrowed.
  • Variable mortgage typically let people shave over a year off their amortization.
  • Always keep in mind that there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all solution’ to choosing a fixed or variable rate. Dr. Milevsky feels it depends on one’s risk tolerance
  • Although rates are virtually impossible to predict, the premium of fixed rates over variable rates has declined about 7% in the last seven years


Milevsky’s Mortgage research is said to be the best out there.  He has shown time and again that regardless of what rates do in 1 – 2 year periods you are better off in a variable IF you can handle the payment risk of periodic increases and decreases to the actual amount paid to the lender, as the prime rate fluctuates.


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