23 Feb

Reverse Mortgages


Posted by: Tracey Brock

Your home is your biggest asset and really, there is no place like home – especially yours. 

Today 51% of Canadians are carrying debt into their retirement.  91% of our Canadian Boomers have said that they want to stay in their home or neighbourhood and live independently as long as possible.

Oh, retirement.  It is almost a magical word and to some of us it seems unattainable. 

Worry no more!  There are smart, simple options for older Canadian Homeowners to enjoy the full value of their home into their retirement.   It is called a REVERSE MORTGAGE and it may be the perfect solution for you specific needs.

This program allows homeowners over the age of 55, income solutions that allow them to,

  1. Manage when cash flow is less than they had planned.
  2. Cover a major unexpected expense.
  3. Help out their children without tapping into their savings or taking on additional monthly payments.
  4. Even take out the money to purchase an investment property that earns them a monthly income. 

The possibilities are endless.


  1. 1.       Regular mortgage payments are not required.
  2. 2.       You will never be forced to move out or sell your home.
  3. 3.       You have the ability to unlock up to 55% of your home value into cash
  4. 4.       Confidently expect to still have equity in your home if you decide to sell.
  5. 5.       All proceeds from your home are TAX FREE!


If you are a homeowner over the age of 55 who wants to find out how this TAX FREE solution can get you the extra money you need in your retirement contact me at TBrock@DominionLending.ca or call me direct at 416.788.6207.